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Ryobi P208 One Review – 18V Lithium Ion Drill/Driver

Ryobi-P208-One+-Drill-DriverThe Ryobi P208 runs on an 18V Lithium-ion battery that delivers a longer and consistent performance. This unit weighs only a light 3 pounds (without battery); the P208 is a dependable tool in the kit of professionals and homeowners.

The P20 features an efficient motor with variable speed and torque and a 24-position clutch that allows the tool to tackle a wide range of projects. Its 18V battery is compatible with Ryobi ONE+ powered tools, so you need not buy another battery if you already own a tool in that lineup.

This tool comes with an aesthetic and ergonomic pistol handle grip which is rubberized for comfort and control. You can work with this tool in wet conditions without losing your grip or suffering excessive vibrations thanks to the rubberized over-grip. The drill features a MAGTRAY which allows you to store your favorite bits or fasteners on the base of the tool, reducing time spent looking for attachments.

For easy access to your work surface in confined and dimly lit spaces, the P208 comes with an LED light that illuminates your surroundings so you can work in confidence even in the dark.


The P208 drill driver comes with all the exceptional features you expect in a Ryobi. It is powerful, beautiful and packs a heavy punch. Here are some of its high points.

  • Compact and Lightweight Designs

    This tool weighs only 3 pounds without the battery and features a short pistol handle that makes handling easy and flexible. Even with the battery attached, this drill is light enough for older women to use with no trouble thanks to its small size.

    You can’t beat the solid construction of this Ryobi drill. While it may not survive a fall from a high rise building, this tool can withstand a lot of rough handling and abuse in professional job sites. If you are a DIYer who doesn’t like to outsource home repairs and renovations, this drill is a must buy.

  • Powerful and Versatile Motor

    Most corded drill drivers have excellent motors, but the best models come with variable control. The P208 features a powerful motor that delivers an impressive amount of torque and speed for a wide range of fastening and drilling jobs.

    The 2-speed transmission and 24-position clutch allow you to adjust the motor output to meet project requirements. This ensures optimal use of battery life and improved motor efficiency and longevity. With the variable speed and torque, you need not blast the tool at full throttle to complete your projects.

  • Ergonomic Design

    Besides the visually appealing construction of the P208, its ergonomic design makes it a DIYer’s dream tool. This tool is covered in plastic and metal and features a pistol handle that delivers exceptional grip and balance.

    The rubberized grip serves two purposes. It creates a firm grip that ensures you don’t lose your hold even in damp conditions. Second, the rubber acts as a cushion against the vibration and heat the tool produces during operation. Which as a result, reduces fatigue and boosts productivity.

  • Long-Lasting Battery

    Ryobi’s 18V battery powers many of the company’s tools, so you may not need to buy a new set if you own one already. This battery charges fast and holds its power for longer while delivering consistent output until the last drop. These batteries feature an intelligent power management system that protects them from overloading, overcharging and improved efficiency.

  • LED Lights

    The P208 features an LED light that illuminates the work surface in dim and confined spaces. This feature ensures you get the best results regardless of visibility and space constraints so you can work with more accuracy even at night.


    The MAGTRAY is a magnetic tray on the P208’s base where you can store bits and fasteners. This feature is useful when you are working on a ladder as it allows you to take your bits with you. You need not come down every time you need to change bits since it’s at the base of the drill.

  • Tool-Less Bit Changes

    The keyless chuck allows you to swap bits with ease. You don’t have to fumble with Allen keys to tighten or loosen the chuck, freeing up more time on work that matters.


This drill is an all-around winner with most users. However, some customers complain about the chuck not gripping the bit tightly at first. This is not a general problem though and you can correct it easily.

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Wrap Up

Ryobi’s P208 drill driver is a compact and lightweight powerhouse for the serious homeowner who loves DIY projects. This small but durable tool will not drill through concrete. However, it excels at light to medium fastening and drilling tasks.

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