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Milwaukee M12 2407-20 Review – 12V 3/8-Inch Drill Driver

Milwaukee-M12-12V-3_8-Inch-Drill-DriverMilwaukee is a prominent maker of durable and dependable power tools. The company’s M12 drill driver comes in a compact and lightweight body that delivers a powerful performance in light and heavy use applications. It features an ergonomic pistol-grip handle that provides enhanced comfort and improved handling. It’s metal ratcheting chuck is exceptionally durable and the short body fits right in your hand.

This tool runs on Milwaukee’s 12V Lithium batteries that provide consistent power to the motor which delivers 275-inch lbs. of peak torque. For a drill driver of this size, this amount of torque is enough to tackle most DIY and medium-level drilling. Whether you work in construction or love renovating and repairing your stuff, this power tool is a dependable companion for powerful fastening and drilling projects.

Besides its beautiful design, monitoring the battery power is easy thanks to the onboard fuel gauge that shows remaining run time. Note that the Milwaukee M12 arrives only as a bare tool. You need to buy the battery, a charger, and accessories separately. However, you can use any Milwaukee 12V battery to power this drill driver if you have one.


Milwaukee is a trusty brand that stands by its products. You can expect a reliable service from this product for many years to come with light to medium use. Here are some of its desirable qualities.

  • Lightweight

    At 2.43 pounds, the M12 is lightweight enough for anybody regardless of your strength or physical build. As a customer said, this tool is powerful, durable and lightweight. Being lightweight offers several benefits.
    You can do more work with less fatigue, go over ladders, hang it by your side and work overhead without breaking a sweat. If you need an easy-to-use tool you can maneuver in confined spaces, this is a great choice.

  • Ergonomic Design

    Milwaukee’s M12 features an ergonomic design that makes it easy on the operator. Its pistol-shaped handle fits perfectly in your hand’s cup. The rubberized grip is soft, comfortable and firm, allowing you to perform high-powered fastening and drilling tasks with less vibration and fatigue.
    The position of the battery also allows for seamless handling. Instead of a power pack that juts out and disrupts the free flow of your hands, the M12’s battery fits into the handle and out of the way so you can work with less distraction.

  • Affordable and Long Lasting Battery

    The Milwaukee M12 is affordable but the battery pack is even more exceptional. These 12V power packs are longer-lasting, lightweight and charge fully in 30 minutes flat. Because they are Lithium-ion batteries, they deliver more power on a single charge and will serve you for longer.

    When you buy the battery for the M12, you need not purchase another set for other Milwaukee 12V power tools. Plus, the drill driver has a battery life indicator that shows you the amount of juice left while you work.
    For many users, the affordability and lightweight design of the 12V battery is one of the best things about this tool. That means you can work in comfort for longer without running out of power.

  • Compact Design

    The M12’s compact size has endeared it to many DIYers and tradesmen. Customers report that working with this tool is comfortable regardless of how confined their workspace.
    Whether you are on a renovation site, baby-proofing your home, upgrading your kitchen cabinet or installing HVAC equipment, this tool provides unbelievable maneuverability and ease-of-handling in every situation.

  • Durability

    Despite its size, the M12 is one solid power tool. The drill driver has a tough rubberized coat and the motor and handles come in a sturdy material that cushions the effect of impacts.
    However, remember that no tool is fall-proof. If the height is high enough, every tool has the potential to break including this one. So take necessary precautions to prevent damage to your M12.

  • LED Light

    A useful addition to the M12 is its LED light. This provides illumination when you are working in dim or confined spaces. The light helps you see the work surface so you don’t damage the material and also makes work faster.

  • Clip

    The M12 comes with a clip. This feature allows you to fix the tool to your side so your hands are free. With the clip, you need not drop the unit while climbing or coming down from a ladder or when you need to do other things.


The only problem customers have about the M12 is with the power pack. Older models of the unit had issues with the battery but Milwaukee has tried to correct the problem. If you encounter any issues with your battery pack, contact the manufacturer and they will most likely provide a replacement.

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Wrap Up

The Milwaukee M12 is a beauty to behold but also delivers like a high-end tool. While it may lack the torque to accomplish heavy-duty tasks, it provides unbeatable performance in its designated role.

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