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Makita XFD061 Review – 18V LXT Cordless Driver-Drill Kit

Makita-XFD061-18V-Cordless-Driver-Drill-KitThis lightweight driver-drill combo from Makita comes with all the features you need to perform your drilling and fastening tasks. The XFD061 sports a brushless motor that delivers 530 in.lbs. of peak torque, enough to handle a wide range of applications. Its motor provides 50% more run-time, higher speed, and power and extended longevity, allowing you to drive and drill for longer and less charging time.

At 3.8 pounds (with battery), the XFD061 is lightweight, allowing you to work in comfort while providing excellent balance and control regardless of space constraints. It is compatible with Makita’s 18V LXT Lithium-ion batteries which every other tool in its impressive 18V Lithium-ion system can also use. These batteries have the fastest charging time in their class, so you can spend more time doing productive work. Makita’s Star protection Computer controls™ helps improve battery life and optimize performance based on the tasks.

The XFD061 comes with variable speed in driver mode, allowing the operator to handle a wide range of applications, from small, delicate screws to large industrial-scale fasteners. It is comfortable, durable and sturdy enough to handle most light to medium drilling and driving tasks.

If you need a lightweight drill-driver that offers exceptional power-to-weight ratio, enhanced battery performance and all-around quality build, this tool checks all the right boxes.


There are several things to consider when buying a power tool. The XFD061 comes with almost everything you need in a top-performing battery drill-driver without breaking the bank. Here are the main features of the tool.

  • Lightweight Design

    The XFD061 weighs a meager 3.8 pounds with the battery, making it one of the lightest in its class. Having a lightweight power tool is important for many reasons. You can work for longer periods without feeling discomfort or fatigued. The low weight also improves handling, control, and balance, allowing you to maneuver the tool with ease inside and outside of cramped spaces and in low-visibility conditions.

    Regardless of your strength or experience, using this drill-driver is hassle-free in any condition, allowing you to deliver professional results.

  • Compact and ergonomic design

    At only 7-1/4″, the XFD061 is compact, and this provides for seamless handling in tight and dark workspaces. Maybe you are a homeowner that loves DIYing minor home repairs or a professional who renovates or remodel homes for a living. You will find in this small tool a formidable and reliable partner for a broad range of applications.

    Whether you are fastening screws or drilling holes, this lightweight tool is comfortable to hold and balances perfectly regardless of your hand size. Despite the powerful output, vibration is low, and the motor runs smoothly even in adjustable mode. This feature reduces fatigue and allows you to work for longer.

  • Longer Battery Life

    Makita has the largest collection of 18V cordless power tools, which includes the XFD061. While the company only includes one battery, the power pack is one of the best on the market. It delivers an astonishing amount of run time and has the fastest charging time in its category. You don’t have to worry about frequent charging and can get more work done on a complete charge.

    There is a battery life indicator on the battery and the drill base so you can easily monitor the amount of juice left as you work. This battery also features Makita’s Star protection computer controls that offer an efficient power management system.

    The control protects the battery from overload by optimizing power output with the job. The over-discharge protection stops the tool when the battery is low to extend its life. It also provides an overheat protection which automatically stops the tool at a preset temperature to prevent battery damage.

  • Brushless Motor

    Like most high-quality power tools, the XFD061 features a BL brushless motor. This motor delivers an impressive 530 in.lbs. of max torque which is powerful enough to tackle most light and medium fastening and drilling tasks. The motor is more energy-efficient, longer-lasting and requires only light maintenance.

  • Adjustable Speed

    The XFD061 features a mechanical 2-speed transmission (0-400 and 0-1,550 rpm). This allows you to adjust the motor output to a wide range of applications. Whether you are performing light tasks or major fastening and drilling jobs, you can choose an ideal motor speed that will ensure optimal battery use without compromising on quality. This feature helps to save battery life and extend motor life.


The XFD061 is an all-around winner. Apart from a few complaints about the material of the chuck, the tool is almost perfect at its price point. Some users also report that the bag it comes with is a bit low quality, but you can’t expect a rigid kit bag with the spectacular features and affordability of this tool.

Wrap Up

The XFD061 combines a compact design with a powerful brushless motor. It comes with Makita’s long-lasting and efficient 18V Lithium-ion battery with an extended run-time and fast charging. This tool is lightweight, affordable and delivers professional performance even in the hands of a new user.

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