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Greenworks 37012B Review – 24V 2-Speed Cordless Compact Drill

Greenworks-24V-2-Speed-Cordless-Compact-DrillGreenworks is an eco-friendly company with innovative designs in the power tools industry. The company’s 24V 2-Speed Cordless Compact Drill is an impressive tool with a beautiful design and a powerful performance. Its variable transmission high-performance motor delivers 498 inches/lbs. of torque to allow you to handle a wide range of drilling and fastening applications.

With the company’s signature green livery, this cordless drill driver has a lightweight, compact and ergonomic design. The construction is sturdy and yet fits right in the cup of your hands for exceptional control and comfortable handling during prolonged use.

The long-lasting 24-Volt battery ensures you can work for longer for optimal productivity. Like most models on the market, this drill driver features a built-in LED light which makes it easier to use the tool in tight and dim spaces.

Whether you are a professional or heavy DIYer, you will find pleasure in the reliable performance of this Greenworks drill driver. Its power pack provides longer runtime and the rubber-cushioned handle provides a firm and comfortable grip while you drill away.

The product comes with two 24V batteries and a charger. With these batteries, you can power other Greenworks 24V power tools, providing more versatility and saving cost.


Greenworks emphasizes the protection of the environment in its designs. Its products feature some of the cleanest technologies and the company is breaking new grounds in the battery industry with its cordless tools. This 24V compact drill driver delivers everything you want in a cordless tool and more. The following are the top features of the product.

  • Compact and Lightweight Design

    Pictures do not do justice to this unit regarding its size. While it weighs a modest 7.3 pounds, it has a compact shape that allows it to sit comfortably in your palm regardless of your hand size.

    This drill driver is ideal for indoor and outdoor use as it can access confined spaces and provides an impressive level of control. If you are considering a cordless power tool that is compact and lightweight without sacrificing performance, this drill driver ticks all the right boxes.

  • Powerful Battery

    One of the main selling points of Greenworks products is their long-lasting batteries. This unit is powered by the company’s 24v fast-charging power packs. These batteries are high-efficiency Lithium-ion cells that charge fast and deliver longer runtime with a consistent output until they run out of juice.

    These batteries are also compatible with other 24V power tools from Greenworks. The unit comes out of the box with two 24V batteries and a charger. This saves cost and boosts productivity as it allows you to charge one battery while the other is in use. With this setup, you won’t suffer any downtime during fastening and drilling projects.

  • High-Efficiency Motor

    This tool features a high-performance motor that delivers a large amount of torque and rpm for various fastening and drilling applications. Whether you are drilling wood or masonry, fastening long and delicate screws or dismantling frames, this powerful motor delivers an incredible amount of power to handle most light and medium scale tasks.

  • Variable Speed

    This 24V drill driver features 2-speed variable control. With this feature, you can adjust the motor output according to the requirement of various applications. This will help optimize battery run-time, reduce wear and tear of the motor and ultimately prolong the unit’s useful life.

  • Ergonomic Design

    A drill driver might be compact and lightweight, but the vibration and high temperature of the unit can make operation uncomfortable and tiring. This model features a fully rubberized grip that provides a comfortable and firm grip. The over-molded handle also reduces heat and vibration, lowering operator fatigue and improving productivity.

  • LED Light

    When you need to work in confined or unlit spaces, an inbuilt LED light can make a lot of difference. This feature provides enough visibility to help you see the workpiece and adjoining areas, reducing the chances of error and making you work faster and more efficient.

  • Keyless Chuck

    Another great feature of this drill driver is its keyless chuck. A keyless chuck makes it easy to change bits, allowing you to work faster. The chuck also has a 24-step clutch adjustment for more flexible settings based on the project requirements.


Most users have no complaints about the performance of this drill driver. For many customers, the long-lasting battery and exceptional handling make this tool a great cordless drill to purchase. However, a few users complain about the battery not lasting long but it’s probably the unit they got that has issues.

Wrap Up

The Greenworks 24V Compact drill driver is a powerful tool with a beautiful design. This tool delivers an impressive performance in DIY and professional projects. Its long-lasting battery allows you to work for longer. It’s durable, comfortable to use and makes drilling and fastening operations a breeze.

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