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DeWalt DCD791D2 Review – 20V MAX Compact Drill/Driver Kit

DEWALT-DCD791D2-20V-Compact-Drill-Driver-KitDEWALT is a leader in the power tools and battery industry. Its DCD791D2 is a lightweight drill-driver combo that delivers in terms of quality, durability, and performance.

In the hood is a DEWALT brushless motor that provides up to 57% more run time and increased motor longevity. The tool comes with a variable speed transmission to enable you to choose different power levels for a variety of applications. Thanks to its lightweight and compact design, the DCD791D2 is a winner in tight and compact spaces. It’s ergonomic construction and comfortable grip delivers an exceptional balance and control, allowing you to work for longer with less fatigue.

This tool comes with two XR Li-ion batteries that deliver 33% more run-time compared to standard power packs. At 7.23 pounds, the DCD791D2 is a handy tool and its 3-Mode LED makes it perfect for working in confined and dark spaces.

The DCD791D2 is a high-quality tool. It is pricier but also delivers premium performance. If you love investing in power tools that won’t fail you season after season, the DCD791D2 drill is a worthy investment.


The DCD791D2 comes with a breathtaking array of features that make it an excellent cordless driver. Here are some of its main selling points.

  • Brushless Motor

    The motor in your drill is an important factor to consider when shopping. DCD791D2 comes with DEWALT’s high-performance, long-lasting brushless motor. This motor is more energy-efficient, requires less maintenance and last far longer than brushed motors.

    It delivers an impressive maximum no-load rotation per minute output of 2000. With this motor, you can get more run-time from your batteries, allowing you to work for longer with less wear and tear. Users of the DCD791D2 report that the drill delivers an impressively smooth performance.

  • Variable Speed

    The best drills offer variable-speed transmission to allow you to choose the appropriate motor output for different jobs. You can choose the gentler 0-550 rpm speed when performing small tasks while the 0-2000 rpm setting is ideal for more energy-intensive tasks. Not only does this feature help conserve battery power, but it also boosts motor longevity.

  • Compact

    The DCD791D2 comes in a compact body that makes it the ideal drill for working in confined and dark workspaces. Whether you are a DIYer or professional, this tool makes accessing tight angles and awkward places hassle-free. This is an excellent feature to have as it means you can tackle any drilling job regardless of space constraints.

  • Lightweight

    At a little over seven pounds, the DCD791D2 is lightweight. Note that this weight includes the battery pack, making it easy to use the tool for extended periods without discomfort or fatigue. While this is not the lightest power drill on the market, the DCD791D2 offers an exceptional balance and control even in the hands of inexperienced users.

  • Ergonomic Design

    The compact size, lightweight construction and comfortable grips of this DEWALT drill-driver make it an ergonomic power tool. It offers impressive operator comfort and you can use it for long periods without fatigue.

  • LED Lights

    LED lights are common in most premium power tools on the market. But the DCD791D2 features a 3-Mode LED system that includes a spotlight setting that delivers a powerful ray of light on the workspace to allow you to work for longer in confined or dark spaces.

  • RX Lithium-ion Batteries

    While DEWALT is a pioneer in the power tools field, it is also a leading producer of advanced battery systems. The DCD791D2 comes with two RX Lithium-ion batteries that deliver a longer run-time and lower charging time. These batteries also come with a fuel gauge to allow you to monitor the capacity while working.

    Thankfully, the two batteries come out of the box with the charger and every other thing you need to use this drill.


The main disadvantage of the DCD791D2 is its high price point. You can get lower priced drills with similar features on the market. However, if you want a quality tool that will serve you for many years to come, you can’t go wrong if you buy this product.

Another complaint with this tool is that it’s difficult to tighten the chuck. But this might be a manufacturing deficiency in specific drills as the feedback has been positive.

Wrap Up

The DCD791D2 is a high-end tool for people who love quality and don’t mind spending to get the best products on the market. This drill is compact, lightweight and features an advanced high-performance and energy-efficient motor with variable speed setting.

Using this drill in confined or dark spaces is easy thanks to the small size and 3-Mode LED system that provides dependable illumination. The DCD791D2 comes at a high price but delivers a powerful performance in all work conditions.

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