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BLACK+DECKER LDX120C Review – 20V MAX Lithium Ion Drill / Driver

BLACK+DECKER-LDX120C-20V-Drill-DriverIf you need a compact multipurpose drill driver that will dig through metal, plastic, and wood like a champion, the 20V LDX120C from Black+Decker is an affordable option.

This cordless power tool comes with an unbelievable array of features despite its small size. The unit has an 11 position clutch that provides precise control during drilling and fastening tasks across a wide range of materials and work surfaces.

With the variable speed function, you can adjust the motor speed according to the task demands. This reduces stress on the motor and battery, boosting their longevity, efficiency, and performance. The adjustable transmission also enables countersinking without damaging the work surface.

Thanks to the lightweight and compact design of the LDX120C, you can use it for long periods with less fatigue. This boosts maneuverability and ease of handling in confined spaces. Even if you have a small or weak hand, using this drill driver for your workshop and DIY projects is fun as it fits perfectly into your palm.

The LDX120C is powered by a Black+Decker 20V MAX Lithium-ion battery, making it part of the company’s line of tools that use the power pack. This battery is not only longer lasting, but it is lighter and more efficient. Plus, you can use it for the company’s other 20V MAX power tools.

This unit offers a complete package of performance, ergonomics, and versatility. It will make an excellent addition to your tool kit.


The LDX120C might look small, but it hits above its weight class. Here are some of its top features

  • Powerful and Versatile Battery

    The LDX120C comes with one 20V MAX Lithium-ion battery that is long lasting, lightweight and compact. This battery suffers no memory which means you can drain and charge it for as many times as you can and still get loads of power. Plus, the power pack is compatible with every other power tool in Black+Decker’s 20V Max line. So if you plan to buy such tools, you can save money since you need not buy the power packs.

  • Lightweight Design

    At 3.4 pounds, the LDX120C is light enough for anybody to use with less difficulty. Whether you are working overhead, on top of a ladder, in the ceiling or a manhole, this tool will allow you to work for extended periods without feeling tired.
    You will love the ability to hold it comfortably in one hand. You can cater to other tasks such as picking drill bits or screws from your bag or the ground without having to drop the tool. Also, you will work more efficiently and faster using this reliable drill driver.

  • Compact

    When working in tight and confined spaces, a compact-sized tool can be a game-changer. The LDX120C comes in a small body you can hold easily. Unlike most units of its size that have longer grips, this tool features a perfectly proportioned handle that provides a firm grip regardless of your hand’s size.
    Many women find it difficult to work with most power tools because designers create products with a masculine user in mind. This tool solves that problem for most females who love DIYing in their homes.

  • 11-Position Chuck

    The LDX120C drill driver features an 11-position chuck that allows for tighter and more precise bit grips. Whether you are drilling through wood, metal or plastic, you will find the perfect chuck position to accomplish your tasks with ease.

  • Variable Speed

    Variable speed is an essential feature to have in a power tool, especially cordless units. This function helps you to maximize the LDX120C’s battery power and also improves motor efficiency. By adjusting the motor speed to the job requirements, variable speed helps to keep the motor life longer while reducing power drain. You get more done for longer thanks to this excellent feature.


The LDX120C is not perfect. It has some issues which include:

  • Poor Chuck

    An overwhelming number of users complain about the chuck stripping bits. However, a closer inspection shows that most of the people who face this issue either didn’t know the correct way of using the chuck or why unable to grip the bit while fitting it into the chuck.
    To avoid this problem, wear a glove to increase your grip and prevent your hand from burning when the chuck rotates.

  • Low Torque

    If you buy a 3.4 lbs drill driver, what type of torque do you expect it to deliver? Despite its several abilities, the LDX120C is a small tool and you should not expect it to perform heavy-duty jobs. It excels at light to medium tasks but may not handle heavy-duty projects, which is acceptable.

Wrap Up

If you want a compact and efficient drill driver that combines ease of use with a powerful and lightweight battery, the LDX120C is it. This unit delivers everything you want in a Black+Decker power tool and is perfect for female DIYers.

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